Engraving services

We offer engraving service: spoons, rattles, pacifiers, plaques and other items hand-engraved silver-calligraphy. For images, icons, and other memorabilia, we offer you an elegant label with a dedication. Plate is made of brass in gold or silver. Liturgical objects engraved on the diamond. Engraving will make your memorial will be a unique, individual, reminiscent of important ceremonies.

We offer a wide range of engraving. We offer:

  • plaques, corporate boards
  • punches, dies, copper electrodes
  • commemorative plates, descriptive
  • medals by established project unit and serial numbers
  • monograms
  • the wax seals
  • diplomas in the case engraved in brass or made by engraver tone
  • engraved on the glass (glasses butelkach. carafes, etc.)
  • the subjects entrusted to: teats, rattles, spoons birthday, gold and silver jewelery, watches, pens, wizytownikach, breloczkach, lighters, cukiernicach, cutlery, cups, trays, serwetnikach, ryngrafach and other unusual items.
Technological capabilities allow us to manufacture custom orders. We have a wide range of engraving materials: brass, duralumin (gold, silver, imitation steel ground, engraving laminates in a wide range of colors. Handmade engraving, computer (Windows fonts), graphics.

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engraving services