Gorget (from the German ringkragen napierśna sheet, staropol. Scapular) - kind of medallion, usually in the shape of a shield with a drawing of a religious, heraldic time later with the national emblem. Originates from the clavicle, the armor worn by knights at the neck, often ozdabianej religious motives, especially Marian. From the sixteenth century gradually reduced and used on its own, without the rest of the armor, in the seventeenth century, adopted the current form of patriotic and religious ornaments, losing a protective role.

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Plaques were particularly often worn by soldiers of the groups emphasizing their patriotism and devotion to the Catholic religion - including by confederates, 1846, insurgents, soldiers and WiN NSZ. Today, hung on the wall as a patriotic decoration. Miniaturized plaques with the image of Our Lady of Ostra Brama often made ​​of precious metal are the usual gift of baptism.

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