The Holy Land

The Holy Land - a term derived from the Bible, meaning Palestine and Israel as the venue of the events of the Old and New Testaments. The name used mainly by Christians, but also in Judaism and Islam. The Holy Land is the goal of many pilgrimages. Her descriptions can be found in the relationship many pilgrims ancient and modern (eg pilgrim Egeria, anonymous Pilgrim of Piacenza, the Pilgrim of Bordeaux, MK Radziwill called Orphan, Maximilian of Bavaria, J. Slovak, Zofia Kossak-Szczucka).

In several countries in the Middle East has existed since the fourteenth century Franciscan province called the Custody of the Holy Land. Franciscans belong to it are the official guardians of the Holy Places of the New Testament events on behalf of the Catholic Church. And other branches of Christianity have adequate institutions fulfilling a similar function. They refer in their official names, the date of The Holy Land. Often The Holy Land is a term for a part of the Middle East, which includes the State: Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, part of Mount Sinai, sometimes even southern Turkey.

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